Upcoming Events for 2019: A Year of Full Circles

January: B.FLI Fundraising Tribute Concerts

Starting in January, join us for monthly concerts with a live 8-piece band featuring some of Chicago's greatest performers coming together to pay tribute to artists of the past and present. From Aretha to Whitney, Teddy P. to Chris B. (Brown)...this series is gonna be a treat! Funds raised will go towards the 2019 B.FLI Summer Camp.

Tickets available SOON...

March: Mental Illness and the Artist Seminar

For so many of us, we go into this industry with dreams of being a star and ignoring the breakdowns, grievances and emotional battles we all often go through as artists. It's time to talk about it. End the stigma of mental illness...starting with the arts.  Join us and a panel of professionals for an intimate talk about causes, symptoms, treatments and how to end the stigma of mental illness.

April: Parents & Youth Acting Class

Last year, we provided quite a bit of information and skills to our youth. Now, it's time to add the parents into the mix! Join us for a acting workshop for parents and youth as we all learn how to "Yes, And..." each other. Moms and Dads, yes, it's your turn!

B.FLI Performing Arts 6-Week Summer Camp Intensive: July 8-August 17, 2019

B.FLI Performing Arts 6-week Summer Intensive is BACK! Welcoming ages 10-17, we will host a 6-week intensive for youth interested in enhancing their skills in acting, dancing, singing and comedy. Self-tape submissions will be accepted from Feb. 4- Mar 31st! Show us what you got! Cost: $750