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B.FLI Performing Arts Camp Intensive (Ages 10-17)

Acting & Improv


This class will teach the fundamentals of acting and improvisation exploring how to get in touch with yourself and the character within while using "Yes and". Artist will be exposed to etiquette, piece selection, timing, and how to portray a character through informed choices. 

Creative Communication through Hip-Hop


Artists will practice using their bodies to tell stories and how to translate intention into their stage performance by way of poetry and hip-hop. 

Dance/ Movement

Artists will demonstrate how to tell a story to music with their bodies. Artists do NOT have to be classically trained dancers for this section. 

Voice & Song


Artists will explore their vocal ability. From musical theatre selections to R&B and other styles of music, artists will explore range, learn how to warm up and cool down, and practice storytelling through song. 

Practice & Performance


There will be a final performance for parents, family and friends to showcase all skills practiced and explored throughout the six weeks of intensive. 



B.FLI Performing Arts Adult Classes (Ages 18+)

Adults, are you interested taking an acting class?

Adults, drop us a line below and let us know if you would be interested in attending a class or workshop in acting and stage performance. We want to hear from you!

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